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Use the N900's flash LEDs as a strobe light. The user can set the frequency of the strobing in beats per minute (bpm). Additionally, the user can open any audio file to play in the background. The camera shutter need to be kept open to use this program. And for best results, please close any program using the camera.

WARNING: Do not point the flash at anyone's eyes.


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Version 1.0-1


How to Install

  1. Make sure that your N900 is updated to the latest firmware (PR 1.2). To find out, Launch the Settings application and tap on About Product. The version should be 10.2010.19-1.
  2. Get the latest flashstrobe package. Tap on the download link above from within your N900 Web Browser.
  3. When asked what you want to do with the package, select Open with App Manager. This will start the familiar installation process in the App Manager program.
  4. Alternate method: If you don't have an Internet connection on the N900, or simply want to keep a copy of the installation (.deb) package, you can either choose Save As in the N900 browser or download from another computer and later transfer to the N900. To install, simply locate the flashstrobe package in the N900 File Manager and tap on the file to begin the installation process.

How to Use

How to Remove


Contacts, source code hosting, bugtracker, and mailing lists can be found at https://garage.maemo.org/projects/flashstrobe/.

This application is hosted on Maemo Garage.